We are a reliable partner that follows the entire production cycle, from the consulting phase to the finished piece. Thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals, we can offer to our customers valuable design advices, taking care of every detail.

Design consultancy and feasibility study

We follow the customer throughout the study of the project until the realization of the same, carefully analyzing the choice of:


Our team helps and supports the customer with a specific and personalized consultancy, offering all the best solutions in the mechanical field.
On the basis of the gathered elements, we formulate and propose hypothesis for the project evolution, verifying its practicability with respect to a series of variables and outlining a realization process. The feasibility analysis, which precedes the start-up phase of a project, allows to obtain immediately an exhaustive panoramic picture.

Once the project has been approved, the feasibility study will be the basis for the realization of the product. The design consultancy and the feasibility study are essential to be able to turn the Customer’s request into reality.

Series production

We put customer’s satisfaction first, and we are committed to creating the product in line with the requirements, always offering new solutions. Following a first design consultancy and a careful analysis of feasibility, thanks to our team we are able to make special items on customer’s drawing.

We have a large range of machines that allows us to propose series production in a seriously reliable time. This operation makes the machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals feasible, satisfying any production requirement of:


Thanks to the versatility of our organizational method, we can cover productions for following fields:


Mounting and assembly

Cama transmits in every work a wide KNOW HOW, developed in decades of activity, which make it today an extremely competitive and reliable reality. Skills and abilities are indispensable qualities that we can guarantee thanks to the experience acquired directly in the market, the true added value of our Company.

The professionalism we provide allows us to cover the role of prime contractor thanks to the great variety of workings that can be performed by the Cama staff. The whole team, in fact, follows carefully any aspect concerning the production of the customer’s project.
We are able to provide great competence, both for the mounting of single parts and for the assembly of multiple components in a complex article; conveying the passion that distinguishes our work.

Quality Control

Each product is checked and authenticated by our Quality Control department with precision that confirms the uniqueness and quality of the article. This office has a modern Control Room with technological high level equipment that guarantee a constantly growing quality standard.
The CAMA quality control system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.



The great professionalism and experience gained over the years are reflected in our wide warehouse which has special and standard products. Every product is traceable with a bar code to ensure the best internal organization and delivery to the customer.
We are able to guarantee our customers the KANBAN, a just-in-time supply system that allows us to program and personalize supply flows in synergy with the customer.


We guarantee also by transport the same professionalism that we put in all our services . Our company, in fact, takes care of the customers’s request, from the beginning when it is still an idea, to go through the design and productions phases. After this, our team takes care of Quality Control, mounting and assembly until we arrive at the shipping phase.

Every step is important to us and receives our full attention, we wish to make people feel the passion we put into our work.
We offer a fast and efficient delivery service able to satisfy every request.

–  For customers in the Triveneto, we provide directly with our vehicles for the products delivery at their locations.
–  For national and international shipments we collaborate with leading couriers.

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