cama - meccanica di precisione gestione qualità


The quality management system of Cama srl ​​is certified in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 norm, satisfying the highest standards of the national and international market.

Cama srl ​​is equipped with a quality control room, including reliable measuring machines and instruments that guarantee a high level of precision.


CAMA manages and monitors all company activities with the maximum transparency and stimulates the diffusion of responsible and rigorous behavior among all personnel – this forms an integral part of the company assets.

The Management of CAMA s.r.l. considers as primary objectives:

  • the quality of its products and services
  • maximum Customer satisfaction
  • the protection of safety and health in the workplace

They represent for the Company a moral responsibility even before a legal one towards its customers, its workers and towards the community.

The company management is convinced that the Quality Management System (QMS) must be one reality that evolves in the same direction as company productivity and the expectations of all interested parties. It considers the maintenance of a QMS, compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, an indispensable objective in the logic of a continuous improvement.

The Management of CAMA s.r.l. expresses the following fundamental principles of the company quality Policy:

  • Identify and continuously monitor the needs and expectations of customers towards the offered products and services.
  • Monitor its own internal processes in order to guarantee the improvement of efficiency over time and their effectiveness.
  • Manage the production process in order to identify risks and prevent workers injuries and therefore the possibility of working in a suitable and compliant environment.
  • Develop a “company system” capable of motivating workers, in order to increase their professionalism.
  • Provide a system for identifying and planning the QMS improvement objectives in which all company staff is involved. Guarantee the systematic control of the phases of realization.

All company personnel are aware of the company quality Policy and each one, for the own competences, is required to contribute to the achievement of what is established in it.