Since 1986, Cama srl ​​has been supplying accessories for the construction of woodworking tools for the Italian and international markets. Over many years of experience, Cama srl ​​has expanded its assortment and refined the manufacturing techniques of the products, making them more precise and reliable. 

Our partners in the woodworking manufacturing industry entrust us with the creation of design details with specific measurements. We are able to evaluate the feasibility and propose an ad hoc solution, ensuring a service that facilitates and makes their business processes more precise and sustainable. 

Upon request, we provide our partners with: 

  • blanked spacers, thickness from 0.05 mm to 3.00 mm, with pin holes and/or keyways; 
  • turned, burnished and ground spacers, thickness from 2.00 mm to 50 mm (engraved on one side), with holes and/or keyways; 
  • our sleeves are a very important support for the cutter holding and turning. They ensure precision and good functioning; 
  • wide assortment of fixing elements and special screws to meet the needs of each manufacturer: screws, grub screws, threaded rings, shaped or conical ogives, adjustment screws; 
  • a complete range of supplied wrenches, customized on customer request; 
  • more than 45,000 always available unified items, including screws, bolts, small parts and accessories in all materials, divided into 400 product families.


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